The True Fantastic Story of…

Mukor Bowl

Nylon trash bags?

Catch Phrases and JCC

Steve Winwood?

Bye Rob Ford

Canned Ham?

Election Day Special


Marker Piss


Isis and the Ladies

The making of “The Goonies”?

Honestly, we’ve forgotten what fantastic true story we wanted to tell you, but believe us, it was fantastic.


Jersey City Comics


Four More Beers!

That lovable group of rogues known as Jersey City Comics will be gathering again tonight at Barcade Jersey City¬†from 7-10PM to draw and you’re invited to join in on the fun!

You can be a part of drawing comics like this one:

That stain you see on the comic there is from a beer spill. So, beer was spilled on a comic that starts off being about the difficulties one can have with not spilling beer on things. That’s just the sort of wacky thing that happens every week at Jersey City Comics!

For more examples of comic flavored wackiness click the jump.

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Readers of this site,

We at Jersey City Comics have many, many comics to share with you. That said, lately at our meetings it appears that we have evolved ever so slightly past our rampant fecalmania and cock drawing phase and are turning out comics that are more solid comic shaped objects.

So, it is time to give you the reader a vote on what you would like to see here on this site going forward. Behold the voting mechanism:

Democracy! Huzzah!