Can’t Be Bothered

Allllll Galaxies

Nothing to say.

Meaningless Geen


Ice Cream Time


Republicans In Hell



Goose egg.

Marvel Pets

Don’t matter, no one reads this shit anyway.


Hello no one. How goes it?

Dan Tits


Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Remember that commercial?

wottaman empire

The one for Grand Gourmet?

gods and stuff

It was a dog food commercial.

notice my mouth

In it, three dogs sang…

lies told by objects

“Lies, lies, I can’t believe a word you say.”

moutain men

It was a good commercial.

am i dead

One that made me laugh.

skeletor rises

I wonder what those dogs are up to now.

silly tits meets robocock

It would be great to see them again.


Too bad Grand Gourmet no longer exists.

bugs and fudd

Ah well, such is life. Anyway, it’s Tuesday and that means you can come be a part of Jersey City Comics and draw stuff tonight at Barcade Jersey City¬†from 7-10 PM.