There Are Worse Things You Could Do

Indeed! There are a few worse things you could do than to come to Barcade Jersey City tonight between 7-10 and draw stuff like this:

tales of woe

or this:

lats wrassel

or this:

suicide stanley

or this:

new pope


or this:

1 in 3 chance

or this:

bitch ass mofos

or this:


or this:

pubix cube

or this:

rip 57

or this:

ryan gosling adventures

or this:

to love

or this:


So yeah, come be a part of this because there are worse things you could do. I think.

It Is Time, It Is Time, It Is Time For Jersey City Comics

The detail are the same as they always are, tonight 7-10PM at Barcade Jersey City comics will be drawn and you can participate.

Proof that this is what happens every Tuesday night at Barcade Jersey City from 7-10PM appear below.

full of grace

More proof:

t blam

Plus proof:

sewer rat

With proof on top:

kick head scene

Dumping proof on your head:

fuck mccuck

and more of the proof:


That’s it for this week.