Search Terms

Come to Barcade Jersey City tonight and draw stuff that appears when people do online searches* for:

sex in the city comics

Enter the Fang Wang

how does Pinocchio goes poop + pee

Ford in Space

cities with strange toilets

Wanna Be Kirby

butt city comics

Stupid Questions Kids Ask

help me help me squeaky voice

Polo Shirts

boobs choos choos toon comics

Randy Cockring vs Judi Dench

and of course, our most popular search term, giraffe penis.

*All of these are real search terms that have brought people to this site. 

Sweatin’ to the Oldies

These are comics

give up now

that were done in the past,

simpsons x

but haven’t appeared here yet.

house of shit

There are new comics,

Gimme Uh

ones that were done last week,


but they haven’t been scanned yet.

color freakout

So they will appear here

dinner and fries

next Tuesday.


We apologize for the delay,

let's play hide pickle

but hope you enjoy these heretofore unseen oldies anyway.



Want Sex


ice ream


Taco Lives

As usual, we will meet at 7PM tonight at Barcade Jersey City to draw stuff. Come on by, if you’re willing.