Can’t Be Bothered

Allllll Galaxies

Nothing to say.

Meaningless Geen


Ice Cream Time


Republicans In Hell



Goose egg.

Marvel Pets

Don’t matter, no one reads this shit anyway.


Hello no one. How goes it?

Dan Tits


Take It From The Chopper

Exercise those choppers,

video games

really chew, chew, chew

detroit vs limbaugh

Exercise those choppers


on some good hard food


Your molars grind,

the nomi

Your canines tear,

tortoise etc

Incisors bite right through

wizard star

So exercise those choppers on some good hard food.

Then when you’re done with that, come to Jersey City Comics at Barcade Jersey City¬†from 7PM until sometime after 10.

Be Somebody, Or Be Somebody’s Fool

Come to Barcade Jersey City tonight between 7-10PM and be a part of drawing stuff like this sign-in sheet:sign in 2 12 13

Or this sign in sheet:

sign in 1 29 13

Or this comic about hot dogs:

all beef

Or this one about love, loss and weird sisters:

doll and guy = Macbeth

Or this one about Doop and some Shmoo looking things:

doop and the ghosts

Or if you like, you can draw some weird stuff about nipples:

nipple time

Some come on by and be somebody, be a cartoonist.

Day of the Comcs

Yes, that is correct. Today is the day of the comics.

That means that if you were to show up to Barcade Jersey City tonight between 7-10PM you could be a part of making comics like the ones that are posted below.


For more examples of the sort of thing that will be happening tonight and that you, yes you, can be a part of, click the jump:

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We here at Jersey City Comics have finally counted all your votes and 100% (all 4 of you who voted) are in favor of seeing everything the Jersey City Comics crew has ever done.

OK. We hear you and in service of

A: Showing you everything and B: Getting caught up with the new things we’ve been doing, we will be giving you large chunks of comics with every post.

Let the chunking begin!

First up, a search for the ideal mate.

Now, how about some outer space in your face?

Next is some toe jam comic.

Are we not balloons?

Finally, see the world and the world sees you.

Mmmmm. Chunky.