You Can Be A Game Show Contestant and Win


Who Says Drugs Are Bad


Bieber And Christie


Masturbation Wishes


Heroin Chic

Answer a few questions, draw the right card, or solve the puzzle, and you drive home in your brand-new car, the proud winner of furs, appliances, jewelry, furniture, and exotic vacations, with $1,000 bills stuffed in your pockets!!

Bieber vs Jersey

Who are those lucky people winning all that loot on TV game shows? Where do they come from? How did they get on TV? You knew the answer to the question that won that contestant $10,000, too! How can you be on that TV screen?

Shit Elf Adventures

Here’s everything you need to know to become a TV game show contestant. Someone on these shows walks away a winner -and it could be you!


And We’re Back

barcade freddie 2

After last week’s exile, Jersey City Comics returns to Barcade Jersey City from 7-10 PM. Now, since no comics were drawn last week, here are some older ones that haven’t appeared on the site yet.

Here’s one of those older comics:

war is hell

Here’s another:

blood juice

And another:

tooth gwah

Would you believe it if I told you that we have another one?

Warning Blasteroids

Oh, there’s plenty of comics to go around.


You have no idea.

ghost of jobs

We have so many comics still waiting to be posted.

Vomit Monday

Well, maybe not so many.

Writers Block

The reserve of old unposted comics is dwindling. We must make more.