We Can Read You

New for 2015

We can write you.

Andrew Sits


Guy Ferguson

the wavelength

Just Fuck Em

of the future.


Available now.

The Greatests


We Drew Things

Last week at Barcade Jersey City:

Barcade Drawing Implements

We drew things.

Courtney Love Found That Plane

And then drew some more things.

Just Another Worm Fappin

Followed by even more things.

Bitcoin Funnies

Then we were done.

Doo Doo Pie

We will draw things again tonight at 7PM.



hey… it’s sam…

Sesame St Summer Slam

it’s hey dave it’s…

Boehner Chokes On A Boner


Business Cat Saga

hey… I’m c. I’m hey…

Can or Can't Computer

know you said you know know it’s hey…

Dokter Hitler

you know…

I Tell You I Hate You

it hey…

My Mom Is Dead

I did your…

Palin Dinosaur

I hey I did you see…

Putin Gaydar

hey I had a a…


hey hey…

Thunderdome Oddities

hey I’m…

You Look Beautiful


Big Picnic

We’re having a picnic,

mummy skool

a really big picnic.

miley does syria

The kind of picnic that weird bastards

beautiful world

write songs about.

eye luv oog

Like that one about the teddy bears.

teddy ruxpin fit

You know, the teddy bear picnic?

cocktail umbrella

Ours will be like that picnic,

a new NSA

only bigger.

fuck all of us

And the songs that will be written about it,

gov shutdown

will be better than “Teddy Bear Picnic”.

o'leary is dead

Also there won’t be any picnic food.

human league is where it's at

Just comics.

syrian huh

Like the ones you see here.

where's styx

So come to the big picnic.

syrian coin toss

That really isn’t a picnic at all, but this week’s installment of Jersey City Comics tonight at 7PM at Barcade Jersey City.