Can’t Be Bothered

Allllll Galaxies

Nothing to say.

Meaningless Geen


Ice Cream Time


Republicans In Hell



Goose egg.

Marvel Pets

Don’t matter, no one reads this shit anyway.


Hello no one. How goes it?

Dan Tits


Look! Waffles!

Stardust 4 Pres


Something Skeletor

We don’t actually have any waffles.

Something Political

We only have comics.

Something Marmaduke

Lots and lots of comics.

Terror War

Comics for as far as the eye can see.

Something Sanders


Something Baby

Just comics.

Something Sick

Not waffles.

Something Speak Up


Kitchen Scissors

Vote Pres 16

Good for cutting stuff.

Blimey Blimey Blimey

Kitchen stuff.

Eat Those Yummies

You know, like Chicken.

LA Bomb Scare

Or Downton Abbey DVD sets.

iTunes Match

Yeah man.

Yall Queda

Kitchen Scissors are so wonderful.


Actually, It Is December

Mukor Sleeps

Actually, it is December.

Paula Deen Dances

Actually, it is December.

Run Waldo Run

It is December, actually.

Please Stand By Now November

Actually, it is December.


Limonade Met Plantenextracten

I remember the last time that you wore that shirt.

Circus Circus Circus Circus

I told you that you smelled nice.

Robocok in Swiss MSL

Never mind how I got keys to your house.

Synthetic Drug Domination

I just want to watch you sleep.

Inton-Outon Abbey

No need to call the police, I can show myself out.

Cool it down baby

Energetische waarde.