Anguish Arrives

Not a lot of comics were done last week so we’re dusting off a book that was done back at the beginning of Jersey City Comics.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Jersey City Comics Presents:

The Pear of Anguish

Pear p1 Pear p2 Pear p3 Pear p4 Pear p5 Pear p6 Pear p7 Pear p8 Pear p9 Pear p10 Pear p11 Pear p12 Pear p13 Pear p14 pear p15 Pear p16

Here’s the comics that were finished last week.

Manning Sentenced Skrawberriez

You can come and do things like this, tonight starting at 7PM at Barcade Jersey City.