Like Phil Collins Said…






That’s right, it’s another Tuesday and that means that tonight will bring another gathering Jersey City Comics that will be 100% Phil Collins free. This is either a good or bad thing depending on how much you like Phil Collins.

You can join in on the Collinsless fun tonight from 7-10PM at Barcade Jersey City.

If you come by you can draw comics like this:

Or this, maybe is more to your liking, maybe:

That was good, but maybe your thing is monsters. Well you can draw them at Jersey City Comics too. Behold:

Scary! Fun!

More? Click the link:

 This is a thing we did a long time ago. It has a whale in it:


Here’s another oldie but goodie and it’s full of monsters and matrimony:

That’s it for this week. Now get yer butt over to Barcade Jersey City, it’s almost time for Jersey City Comics.