All Aboard the JC Comics Express

Last week, the Jersey City Comics Express pulled into Barcade Jersey City and comics were drawn.

Comic Express

Comics with poop

Fart Grenade

and without poop.

Spring it is Here

Tonight we will be doing it all again from 7-10PM at Barcade Jersey City. Join us by jumping on the express like some kind of crazy hobo, that is, if you are so inclined. If not, enjoy punching walls like some kind of crazy claims adjuster, or whatever it is you do when you’re not so inclined to draw poop (or poopless comics).

A Fantastic Planet of Comics

Last week at Barcade Jersey City:

Barcade Sauvage


We Gots Class


Deep Thoughts Speak


Ford Gets Bullied


Ford Goes to McDonaldland


Stop Mukor Time

fine comics were finished.

Ford TV

Tonight at 7PM at Barcade Jersey City it all happens again.


Pere Do!

Last week we invited Picasso to join us.

Barcade Lapin

Alfred Jarry joined us instead, which led to us only getting one page finished.

Annuit Coeptis

It was a very productive evening regardless. (And now for some older unposted comics)


As we took the Mr. Do! machine to city hall


and made it the king of Jersey City.

maxxon zaxxon

All is not lost! Long live Pere Do!



pumping in pumping out

It all begins again tonight at 7PM at Barcade Jersey City.

Sadness of Slitherman


Rare Bit Fiends

Last week we tried to summon Winsor McCay and his dinosaur pal Gertie.

JCC Alternate Universe

It didn’t happen, but we made some Rob Ford jokes and whatnot.

Doctor Ford

I’d say it was a success.

Rat Pfink vs Zimmerman

It all happens again tonight at 7PM at Barcade Jersey City.

McCay and Gertie Party