Not The Ballad of the Sad Cafe and Other Stories

Tonight we draw and you can join us. How? Come to Barcade Jersey City between 7-10PM.

Be a part of comic history by contributing to comics like this:

blessed are they who mourn

or this:

fishin slide

or maybe contributing to comics like the following, is what floats your boat:

birth of scream

Or, perhaps you’d be interested in drawing something like this:

silly tits triumphant

More comics, the likes of which you could be a part of, after the jump!

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Be Somebody, Or Be Somebody’s Fool

Come to Barcade Jersey City tonight between 7-10PM and be a part of drawing stuff like this sign-in sheet:sign in 2 12 13

Or this sign in sheet:

sign in 1 29 13

Or this comic about hot dogs:

all beef

Or this one about love, loss and weird sisters:

doll and guy = Macbeth

Or this one about Doop and some Shmoo looking things:

doop and the ghosts

Or if you like, you can draw some weird stuff about nipples:

nipple time

Some come on by and be somebody, be a cartoonist.

It Is Time, It Is Time, It Is Time For Jersey City Comics

The detail are the same as they always are, tonight 7-10PM at Barcade Jersey City comics will be drawn and you can participate.

Proof that this is what happens every Tuesday night at Barcade Jersey City from 7-10PM appear below.

full of grace

More proof:

t blam

Plus proof:

sewer rat

With proof on top:

kick head scene

Dumping proof on your head:

fuck mccuck

and more of the proof:


That’s it for this week.