Things You Might See If You Come To Jersey City Comics Tonight

That’s right, if you, yes you, show up at Barcade Jersey City¬†tonight between 7-10PM you might see things like:

A sign like this one that was made for us by the nice people at Barcade, or maybe it was Tom Green, or maybe Tom Green works at Barcade:

barcade got fingered

A sign in sheet:

sign in

Birdmen and bald guys:

progress bird

A teacher having a bad day:

kali ma

A snowman having a bad day:

frosty phone

A donkey having a Satanic day:

donkey thing

A Corgi having a damned if I know day:

i need corgi

So come on by and see and create things like this.

Screw Your Curfew, Man!

The PATH system has decided that we, the little people, can ride their choo-choos past 10PM again.

So come one, come all to Barcade Jersey City tonight between 7-10PM and join us in the drawing of comics!


dont tell



Is You



birdie thing


christie fat


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The Phoenix Rises

It’s 2013 and Jersey City Comics lives!

Just like in 2012 the drawing of comics will take place tonight (Tuesday night) from 7-10 at Barcade Jersey City. Come be a part of drawing stuff along these lines:


Or maybe this is more your speed:

poo dollar


Or perhaps you’d be more comfortable drawing something like this:



Or this even:

barcade bathroom

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