Jersey City Comics Home Edition

Tonight the crowd known as Jersey City Comics will gather once more at Barcade Jersey City between the hours of 7-10PM. If you wish to join us, show up there (Barcade Jersey City), then (7-10PM).

If you want to be a part of it tonight’s comic drawing fun, but are located far, far away from Barcade Jersey City, no sweat, this week we’ve got you covered. For this week we are introducing the Jersey City Comics Home Edition.

Just finish the last panel of the following comic and send it back to us, we’ll put it on the site and voila! You are now a member of Jersey City Comics.

More comics after the jump:

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Like Phil Collins Said…






That’s right, it’s another Tuesday and that means that tonight will bring another gathering Jersey City Comics that will be 100% Phil Collins free. This is either a good or bad thing depending on how much you like Phil Collins.

You can join in on the Collinsless fun tonight from 7-10PM at Barcade Jersey City.

If you come by you can draw comics like this:

Or this, maybe is more to your liking, maybe:

That was good, but maybe your thing is monsters. Well you can draw them at Jersey City Comics too. Behold:

Scary! Fun!

More? Click the link:

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