It’s That Time of the Week

That’s right, it’s Tuesday and that means that is time for Jersey City Comics!

It’s all happening at Barcade Jersey City¬†from 7-10 PM.

Come on by and draw stuff like this:

Or this:

Or maybe you’d like to draw something like this:

Want to see more examples of the kind of stuff you could draw tonight? Click on “Continue Reading”!

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We here at Jersey City Comics have finally counted all your votes and 100% (all 4 of you who voted) are in favor of seeing everything the Jersey City Comics crew has ever done.

OK. We hear you and in service of

A: Showing you everything and B: Getting caught up with the new things we’ve been doing, we will be giving you large chunks of comics with every post.

Let the chunking begin!

First up, a search for the ideal mate.

Now, how about some outer space in your face?

Next is some toe jam comic.

Are we not balloons?

Finally, see the world and the world sees you.

Mmmmm. Chunky.

Readers of this site,

We at Jersey City Comics have many, many comics to share with you. That said, lately at our meetings it appears that we have evolved ever so slightly past our rampant fecalmania and cock drawing phase and are turning out comics that are more solid comic shaped objects.

So, it is time to give you the reader a vote on what you would like to see here on this site going forward. Behold the voting mechanism:

Democracy! Huzzah!